Who we are

Many years ago our family, originally from the Veneto region and composed of our father Raffaelo, our mother Emy, my sister Elena – who meanwhile also become an expert physician with extensive knowledge of anthroposophic medicine and treatments - and by me Gigio, decided to move to Tuscany, on the hills of the Era Valley, to devote our time to a kind of agriculture different from the one bestknown and practiced at the time.

The Biodynamic Farm "L’Avvenire" was thus established and is still currently run with passion by our family. It is operating within a historical building built between 1200 and 1300, from the medieval village of Casanova, near Pisa. The place is of considerable charm and history, it is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, not far from the Etruscan town of Volterra, a crossroads of thriving businesses and activities already in ages past. In these years we have tried to expand our passion for biodynamic methods of cultivation and breeding, which have gradually evolved over time and are applied today with meticulous care and attention to all of our production cycle. The ultimate goal of our business is to try to give our customers fresh and healthy products, with high nutrient supply and quality, and from these, because good quality food is the basis of good human health, contributing from our part to the wellness of the people in the most general sense. The management of the company is still purely family run, and continues to draw its foundation from our work and enthusiasm that despite the time elapsed we have never missed, but on the contrary that we have always been able to refine and develop in spite of the inevitable difficulties.