The place

We found a place that had a great appeal, built of old stones and bricks many centuries ago which was formerly a monastery and a hospital for pilgrims, it later became a manor house and a farm, with massive walls and extraordinary wine cellars all built in bricks under the hill overlooking the house where the temperature is stable throughout the year thanks to a purpose built system of ventilation, and cow shelters located in the same property which carry an image of a country from the past.


The cowshed

The cowshed retains the unique character of the original structure with the walls and roof made by old bricks and tiles, and it is home to our cows, which in summer are here led back from the fields and milked twice a day, according to an ancient ritual that is still repeated everyday.


The animals

Our cows belong mainly to the breed “Pezzata Rossa”, known for the high quality of their milk and for their quiet character, and are fed with hay and alfalfa from our own production. We do not feed them with industrial products or other derivatives, commonly used nowadays, intended to increase their milk production. The result is therefore less but better quality milk, and therefore a healthier product for those who consume it.


The cheese factory

The production of cow's milk cheese is made in our factory by using only our milk, through which we produce ricotta, taleggio, tomini salted and not, caciotta and yogurt.
The sheep cheese are instead obtained by receiving the milk from an organic farm that guarantees the highest quality of the raw materials.


The fields

In this part of Tuscany, a hilly agricultural and still unspoiled countryside, we grow the hay and alfalfa used to feed our animals, which thus constitute the main diet of our cows. They are fed and grown by ourselves in accordance with the principles of biodynamic farming which guide us. Fields alternate with large rows of vineyards with sangiovese and malvasia, from which we extract our fine and appreciated non-alcoholic grape juice, sparkling and still, the latter that can be tasted either as a cold drink in summer and warm in winter, as well as our vinegars, also organic, white red and aromatic. The farm includes a large olive grove, full of beautiful trees, from which we get our organic extra virgin olive oil.


The cellars

This amazing building, once built as a convent and then transformed into a farm and a manor house in the following centuries, has an underground large set of cellars that were once used for storage of the various products gradually grown during the seasons.


Biodynamic Farm L'Avvenire di Dall'Acqua Luigi

Via degli Artisti 37

Frazione Casanova



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