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Our organic products



Flavored Tomini


Round Ø 30cm • 7 kg
Round • 450-600 gr/each
Square • 2-2,5 kg

Cow cheese partially aged but still soft.

It is a versatile cheese and can be combined with any side dish.


Small cheese suitable to be tasted either grilled, sliced, or even with the addition of extra virgin olive oil.

They can be flavored with chives or pepper or other spices.


Cow cheese typical of our production. It has a sweet delicate taste but yet has its own distinct personality due to the thickness of the shape and quality of the raw material.

In short periods of the year it may show a rosy rind due to the sponge applications of water and salt made during the maturation phase.


Erborino cheese


Pecorino cheese


Under ash pecorino

Round Ø 30cm • 6-7 kg
Round • 2 kg
Round • 2 kg
This cheese may be either of sheep’s or cow’s milk. Savory taste and important. The paste is with blue veins that give a spicy aroma.

The taste is sweet and highlights the high quality of the raw material.

The pastures where milk is produced create the unique features of this product.

After 25 days of production the cheese is covered with oak ash and put in a wood case full of ash. At this time the aging process changes with transfer from the cold room to the cellar.



Al peperoncino


Under hay pecorino

Round e square• 1,2-1,5 kg
Round e square• da 400 gr a 15 kg
Round Ø 20cm • 2,5 kg

These cheeses are maintained under organic extra virgin olive oil. They are representative of our production and were one of our first creations They are truly innovative in their kind, notwithstanding are inspired by ancient traditions.
They comes in two versions:

  1. More mediterranean version: the cheese in rectangular form are lying in a bath of olive oil flavored with chives, rosemary, pepper and garlic.
  2. More exotic version: round tomini are lying in a bath of olive oil flavored with mustard, turmeric and saffron.

    They are of great visual impact in cutting boards for the characteristic bright yellow

With chilly, this cheese is available in both sheep and cow milk. It can be eaten fresh or slightly seasoned, great to be grilled.


This under hay pecorino cheese, after an initial maturing in cold storage it is are covered by alfalfa and hay produced by us which gives it a special flavor




In little baskets

This fresh cheese may be either of sheep’s or cow’s milk. It is extracted at a temperature lower than the standards to privilege softness to quantity. To the sheep one a little of salt is added to be more savory.


In jars

Cow's milk is made subject to a careful process of fermentation, which gives the final product a creaminess and sweetness really special, in the total absence of sugar.

Only at certain times in the year this product can also be found with the taste of banana, raspberry, berries, bran.



Grape juice, organic and biodynamic from Chianti grapes

Condimento bianco and
Condimento aromatico

Bottle 750 ml
Bottle 100 ml (white) - Bottle 250 ml (aromatic)

Our sparkling and still juices are made from the simple pressing of Chianti grapes, mainly Sangiovese and Trebbiano, produced in our farm in Tuscany by organic methods, so there are no chemical additives.

Grapes are carefully washed before pressing, then we heat the juice with the skins in order to maintain flavour and colour. We then pastorize and bottle, without adding any chemicals.

Grape juice is considered a vegetale milk.

It's an ideal nourishment with also therapeutical features because it's so natural and energetic. It is easily digestible, excellent against thirst and a soft medicament for aged persons, kids and stressed people.


  • Grape juice is considered a vegetale milk.
  • It is an ideal product for use in food, also with therapeutical properties typical of the grape cure, because it is a rich and genuine.
  • It is very refreshing.
  • The juice concentrates all grape's purifying qualities
  • Easily digestible, it is an ideal drink for those suffering from hypertension.

The white and aromatic organic dressing are obtained from the vineyards of the Tuscan grapes located in the farm, through a slow and controlled fermentation of heated grape must.

It is transformed in the province of Modena with the same method by which you get the balsamic vinegar. In this ancient art we have dedicated our top quality grapes. It is suitable for daily use as a dressing for cooked and raw vegetables, meat, and some specially aged cheeses.

White and red grape organic vinegar

Bottle 500 ml

A real wine vinegar, with a taste of the past, coming from the vineyards located on the hills of the farm. It is obtained with a natural method and without additives or preservatives.


Extra virgin olive oil

Bottle 750 ml - Can 1,3 and 5 litres

It is one of the farm’s leading products, produced in the olive grove of the hills in front of the same, in a picturesque and unspoiled Tuscany. With low acidity, it is a particularly genuine and fragrant product.


Biodynamic Farm L'Avvenire di Dall'Acqua Luigi

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Frazione Casanova



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